Elijah Program

This is a 10-month program to provide a full time, intensive training opportunity for young people who are pursuing ministry.  
The Mountain View School of Ministry’s Elijah Program is set up for emerging spiritual leaders. Our goal is to call out, train, equip and release spiritual leaders for the precise purpose of planting effective, life-giving churches around the world. The track choice depends upon your passion, your spiritual gifts, your call and your experience. Your internship will be personalized and your resources and practical hands-on experience will be set according to the call upon your life.
This is a comprehensive mentoring and training program that will include formal training at the School of Ministry as well as substantial practical hands-on ministry responsibilities. Each intern will be exposed to many facets of ministry from evangelism and discipleship to leadership and serving. You will be involved in teaching, evangelism, discipleship, leading, ministering, praying, shepherding, team-building, serving and experiencing a missions trip. The primary focus of the internship program is to develop your heart, passion and desire to give God glory. Our desire is to increase your passion for the lost and your leadership gifts for ministry. Learning wisdom, people skills, balance, maturity, a global mindset and a servant spirit are indispensable!
The Bible tells us that the harvest is ripe. Our hope and prayer is that the Elijah Program will be instrumental in equipping and deploying spiritual leaders with a heart and passion for God and for the harvest.
Main Components of the Elijah Program
  1. Classroom Teaching: Students will take classes from the MVCC School of Ministry during their stay (course titles include: Spiritual Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Doing Church As a Team, Prayer Ministry, Evangelism, etc...).
  2. Field Experience: Students will be involved in various ministry assignments at MVCC. The emphasis will be on experiences that approximate real-life church ministry.
  3. Mentoring: Students will meet weekly with an MVCC staff member to discuss ministry issues, personal spiritual growth, etc.


For more information about the application process and specific ministry concentrations download the Elijah Project brochure:

Click here to download the brochure


Please email Mary-tyler Wahl to request more information about this next year's program or to request an application.