don’t repent in order to earn forgiveness,  I repent as a response to having already been forgiven.

I call my sin what God calls it. 

(Pride, Unbelief, Rebellion, Fear, Anxiety, Stealing, 

Cheating, Lying, Lust, Bitterness, Worldliness, Revenge, Sexual Immorality, Greed, Idolatry…)


I recognize who God is in light of my sin and praise His names which are opposite to my sin. (Provider, Humble One, Faithful, Generous, Victorious, Freedom Giver, Deliverer, Forgiver, Holy, Savior, Sustainer, Healer, Sovereign One, Judge, Refuge, Strong Tower, Shepherd …)


I repent of my sin, (I confess my sin out loud and seek to turn from it, towards God – this will require intentional deliberate action from me—I need to identify what that will be and be willing to change)  


I renounce any evil spirits and the lies behind my sin,(disown, reject or cut off). Speaking out loud, I tell the spiritual world what I am cutting off all ties with my sin and closing the roads that have led me into sin. I am reclaiming this ground for God’s glory.  I renounce the lying thoughts that caused me to fall into this sin and I declare God’s truth over my life. Prov. 28:13  (I reject you spirits of _____ and renounce your power and influence in my life, the the name of my Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ.  I renounce the lie that .... and declare the truth of God’s Word over my mind that says ....)


I receive the forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ, (I thank you Lord that you have forgiven me for…


I release the Holy Spirit to work the opposite of my sin into my life, (Come and fill me Holy Spirit with obedience, faith, honesty, generosity, unconditional love, forgiveness, purity, peace, gratefulness, wholeness, humility . . .)


I rejoice in God and His saving work of grace in me!