MindGod I surrender my mind to You.  I desire You to  renew my mind and change the way I think.  I want You to help me identity wrong and harmful thinking and teach me to think about what is true and right.  


Eyes:  God I surrender my eyes to You and desire to look at things that are pure and good.  I want to see my life from Your perspective.  I surrender my imagination to You and  desire for You to use it to show me things which I have never known.


Ears:  God I surrender my ears to You.  I want to hear Your voice and respond in obedience to it.  Help me to hear You as I read the bible and pray, as I listen at Church and as I go through my day.  Grow in me a desire for radical obedience.


Mouth:  God I surrender my mouth to You.  I want to speak words that are a blessing to You and others.  I desire to be bold and tell others about You.  


Neck :  God I give You control of the direction of my life.  I want to follow Your leadership. I surrender my will to You – let not my will be done but only Yours Lord. 


Heart: God I surrender my heart to You.  I want to become  passionate about the things You are passionate about.  I want You to work in all my relationships.  I want to honor You with my emotions.  Be the Lord of my emotions.  


Arms:  God I surrender my arms to You.  I want to do the things You want me to do.  I want to work for You in all the different places I go.  I want You to use me at work, school or play, to tell others about You.  


Hands:  God I surrender my hands to You.  I want to be used to help people.  I don’t want to waste time and energy on things that are not pleasing to You.  I surrender all my money to You.  I want to be wise, stay out of debt and be generous on every occasion.  I desire to manage the money You have entrusted me with under Your leadership and according to how the Bible instructs me.


Stomach:   God I give you control over my physical body.  My body is a temple where You live. I want to keep it pure and healthy.  I surrender my eating habits, sleep patterns, exercise routine and everything else related to my physical body to You.


Sexuality:  God I surrender my sexuality to You.  You tell me to be sexually pure and that is what I long to do.  I desire to  honor You with my sexuality.  Thank you for my sexuality.


Feet : God I surrender my feet to You.  I desire to go to the places You want me to go.  I want You to direct my days and my schedule.  I give You control of my whole life.


God, You are my Savior, my Lord and my Leader!