BAPTISM Procedures

Mountain View Baptism Checklist


7:30AM—upstairs Youth Room for Sunday Morning Prayer

8:30AM—Large Group Prayer

8:40AM—Photo & Final Prep


What to Wear

  • Suggestions for women – dark shirt or blouse over a modest bathing suit, with pants or casual dress-shorts and simple shoes or sandals. Bring a towel.

  • Suggestions for men – plain shirt or t-shirt, with cotton trousers, casual dress shorts or board (long swim) shorts, and sandals, flip-flops, or shoes. Bring a towel.

  • There is no opportunity to change clothes between telling your story and being baptized.

  • Remember that you will be completely immersed in water and come up soaking wet.


After Giving your Salvation Story

  • After you tell your story from the stage, you will move to the tank area. You will be shown how to step into the tank and where to stand. 

  • Once in the tank, you will be asked some questions like, “Do you believe in your heart that Jesus, the Son of God, died for your sin and rose again? Do you confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Lord of your life?”

  • The answers to these questions should be a strong, “YES.” (If you are unsure about them, talk with your baptizer TODAY).

  • You will then be baptized. Relax and bend your knees a little.


What else?

  • Pastor Fred will pray over you before you leave the tank.

  • Someone will hand you your towel as you come out of the water.

  • Be sure to have a dry change of clothes. You can go straight to the restrooms after you have been baptized to change (leave no valuables in the restroom, please).

  • Feel free to have someone take pictures of you.

  • Many people schedule a lunch after the service to invite friends and celebrate.

  • Use the provided invitation cards to ask friends and family members to come to your baptism. Pray that they meet Jesus on that day!

  • You will receive a baptism certificate some weeks later.




Any Questions? Call Pastor Ken 559 289 9515