Church, I loved gathering with you on Good Friday and Easter. What an awesome time to celebrate the wonderful and amazing salvation of Jesus. I love reflecting on the love of God as seen in Jesus. I need the love of God to fill me and overwhelm me. I can get lost in the challenges of life and drop my eyes off of the love of God seen in the empty cross on which Jesus died.
It is an unexpected turn of events that our hope and future are symbolized by a cross, an instrument of death. The cross on which Jesus died reminds me that Jesus has victory over:
    -my sin
    -my physical and spiritual death
    -the power of the devil to destroy my life  
The empty cross is a sign of the love of God given to us in Jesus. The empty cross is a symbol of the resurrection. The empty cross demonstrates to us that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. The empty cross is the love of God poured out to us.  The empty cross show us that Jesus died in our place and paid the penalty for our sin. I LOVE THE CROSS. I think I may go back to wearing a cross on a chain!  
As we gather this Sunday we are still celebrating the empty cross. We are gathering Sunday to worship Jesus. We are gathering to have a good time with Jesus. We are gathering to focus on the empty cross.  
I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and I encourage you to bring a friend, family member, neighbor, with you. We are celebrating the cross of Christ.  
I’ll see you Sunday! 
In God’s Grip and for God’s Glory,