5 Things
(How to Write Your Salvation Story)

Thing 1:
What was your life like before you asked Jesus into your heart? (keep it short and try not to glamorize how bad it was (if it was bad))
Thing 2: 
When did you ask Jesus into your heart? Who’d you pray with? What did you ask Jesus to do in your prayer? How did you feel afterwards?
Thing 3:

What’s life been like since then? Instead of focusing on what you’re involved in at Mountain View and how you’ve been blessed by the church, focus on the areas where God has changed you. What areas can you tell there something different now? What prayers has God answered in awesome ways?


Thing 4:

What’s a Bible verse you really like? Why do you like it? 


Thing 5:

Finish this sentence: 

Today I’m getting baptized because________________________.