Praise - I will begin by focusing my attention on God, Jesus and the Spirit, and give Him praise out loud.


Surrender - I will give God control of all the different areas of my life—I will be specific. God wants to rule and influence every part of me.


Repent -  I will be still and listen to Holy Spirit. I will ask Him if I have grieved Him, scoffed at prophesies or shunned any of His gifts or manifestations. I will ask Him to search my heart for any fear, pride or unbelief. I choose to confess out loud every sin that He brings to my mind, turning from it and turning towards God.


Ask -  Jesus wants to empower me with Holy Spirit. I will tell God how I long to be filled completely with Him so I can do His will. I will believe that Jesus has filled me with Holy Spirit as soon as I ask. I receive the baptism of Holy Spirit by faith, just as I received Jesus as Savior, by faith, on the day of my salvation. I will thank Him for His baptism and empowerment.


Yield - Now I choose to yield myself to Holy Spirit and listen for His voice. He will speak to me. He may share with me a compassionate heart for the lost and how to reach the lost in my life. He may want to reveal God’s incredible love for me. He may uncover further sin which He wants to set me free from. I will linger in worship giving God praise. I will talk with Him about gifts that He wants to teach me how to exercise, so the Church is built up. If He lays a specific gift on my heart, I will ask Him to show me how I can begin to release it right now. I may look for prophetic revelation and respond to what I hear or see Him showing me for the Church. God also wants to bless me with the ability to release fresh praises for Him—in English and in a new language—the language of the Spirit.  As Holy Spirit enables me, I can choose to speak out in faith, the language He births out of my spirit through my mouth.  I yield my lips, tongue and vocal cords to Holy Spirit, allowing Him to flow out of me as I speak out and focus on worshiping Jesus. I speak loudly and clearly in faith as I keep my eyes on Jesus the initiator and perfecter of my faith. I simply enjoy my God, yielding to His desires for me!


Daily I walk in continual praise to God, repentance if I sin, asking for everything I need to do His will and yielding to the influences of the Holy Spirit. I enjoy growing in an intimate relationship with Him!