Being soul-tied means to stick fast, like super-glue. When two souls are knit together in an unholy way, inappropriate, excessive loyalties or codependent ties form in the spirit realm. Ungodly soul ties arise from wrong motives or wrong loyalties. Inappropriate soul ties are out-of-order relationships and negate our ability to be loyal to godly


Praise God for His holiness and His redemption.


Repent of the sin the led you into making the unholy soul tie. (Sex outside of marriage, ungodly sexual behavior/fantasy, idolatry of a person, obsession with pets, sports teams, movie stars...)


Throw away anything that symbolizes and remembers the sin.

Renounce & repent of  in Jesus name, the unholy soul tie and any rash vows, commitment or curses. (Listen to the Lord and write them down...“You mean more to me then life itself, I will love you forever...”)


Out loud with eyes open, “In the Name of Jesus, I now renounce and break the ungodly soul tie formed between myself and ________ as a result of my sin of  __________. I also renounce and cancel the vow that __________ has been spoken. I speak to the forces of darkness, the spirits of ______ that have oppressed me through my sin and I break your power and authority over me in the name and by the blood of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Your plans have been cancelled and your influence over my life has been broken!”                     “Now Lord, close the gate I opened through my sin and open the gate to Your blessings. Enable me to maintain a pure heart, a clean mind and a self-controlled body. Thank You that I am free from this unholy soul tie and that the hold of the enemy has been broken off of me. It’s in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.”


Forgive the person that you formed the unholy soul tie with. Release them from all the things they stole from you. (Virginity, purity, health, peace of mind, joy...) Forgive anyone else that the Lord brings to mind. 


Receive the forgiveness of God. Thank Him! 


Release the Holy Spirit’s power to work in and through your will, mind and emotions.  Allow God to redeem you, heal your fragmented soul and bring you to a place of complete freedom. 


Rejoice that God sees you as pure and forgiven through the blood of Jesus! He is in the process of making you holy!