1. Recognize who God is in light of the sin.  Recognize what the cross means in light of the sin.  Recognize who you are in light of the cross.
  2. Repent of the sin.  Call it what it is and if possible name the stronghold behind it.  Take ownership of the sin in your family line and repent for your family.
  3. Renounce the sin.  Bind, and take authority over any demonic spirits, powers, rulers or authorities involved in the generational sin.  Command Satan to loose his hold over your life and your family.
  4. Receive the forgiveness and freedom of the Lord. Stop the blaming game.  
  5. Release yourself, your family and your ancestors from the generational sin.  Release the Holy Spirit to work in the opposite vein related to your sin.  Release the favor and blessing of the Lord in your life and in the life of your family that was prevented from flourishing because of this sin.
  6. Revelation - Ask the Lord to show you how this sin has affected your family’s thought patterns, behaviors/choices and their emotional state.  This takes time.
  7. Repeat - Confess, repent and renounce the specific sins that the Lord shows you over time.  Keep listening to the Lord for the effects the sin has had on your thought process.  Allow God to renew your mind by replacing the lies that you have lived by for so many years, with the truth of His Word.  Purpose to live out the Word of Truth.