myMountainView Privacy Policy + Guidelines


myMountainView is the name of the online community for Mountain View Community Church. It is an internet based software application designed to promote communication and connection within our church family. It also provides the church staff with efficient tools and systems to enable them to spend less time on administration and more time on ministry.


We realize that with a new system like myMountainView comes a learning curve, but we're confident that those who do invest in learning and using the system will find it to be an effective tool and will enjoy the benefits. As a regular attender of Mountain View Community Church, we encourage you to become part of the myMountainView community! How do I use the online community? 


The best way to see what myMountainView is about, is to try it out! It works as a personal calendar, a church calendar, a program of events, and a communication tool between members and groups. We hope that you will be able to get better connected by looking for "Groups," checking out “Events” and looking for a place to serve that may be of interest to you!




Privacy Policy


While our website is public, our online community is private in that only those who have login and passwords assigned to them can join in. It does contain a database of on anyone on our mailing list, but most people you will see are engaged at Mountain View Community Church at some level. In order to be issued a password, a person must have demonstrated they are actively attending Sunday worship services, are involved with a Group, a regular serving team, and/or regular contributing financial support. In addition, none of the data contained in myMountainView will show up on any internet search engine. Individual members have the ability to set and manage their own privacy settings in order to personalize whatever level of privacy they feel most comfortable with.


After your request has been accepted, you will be given login and password information. You can decide whether to participate and whether your information will be “listed” to other members of myMountainView or “unlisted.” 


Unlisted information is not seen by anyone beyond our staff and key leaders with specific “administrative privileges” necessary for group administration or for a specific task. All information in myMountainView is set to default to ‘Friends and my Group members’ only unless you elect to change the setting.



Terms + Conditions


By establishing a user account and accessing myMountainView, I acknowledge and agree to the following:


1   I will use all of the features of myMountainView and all information contained in myMountainView in a manner which is consistent with the published values of Mountain View Community Church. 

2   I will not use myMountainView or the information contained therein for my personal gain, to promote my business interests, or to advertise activities or events that are not sanctioned by Mountain View Community Church.

3   I will remove any personal information, events, groups, or other content promptly and completely if requested to do so by the administrator of myMountainView.

4   I will not use myMountainView in any way to initiate contact with children 12 years old and under. Any communication will be directed to the parent(s) or guardian(s).

5   Any communication with children 13-17 years old will be cc'ed to their parent(s) or guardian(s).

6   I will not use myMountainView to engage in gossip, slander, criticism, or other communication which is detrimental to the community and culture of Mountain View Community Church. 

7   I will respect the personal information of the other members of myMountainView and will not pass this information on to anyone. 

8   The myMountainView Administrator will not disclose anyone's personal information to any third-party without their permission.

9   I will not send emails or other communication to the entire church group. Church-wide communication is the responsibility of the Mountain View Community Church Media Department. 


Members of myMountainView who become inactive at Mountain View Community Church or who do not follow these guidelines and/or abuse the myMountainView community will have their login access blocked and their membership revoked. Members are to inform the myMountainView administrator of any problems or concerns encountered so they can be addressed expediently and properly. 


Send any questions or concerns to: